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Naturalist Paradise Is A Hidden Gem For Tourists

Spice plantations, boat rides, elephants, and more await the savvy traveler

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Pradeep Chamaria
Pradeep Chamaria
I am a photojournalist. Love to travel to unknown and unexplored vistas. Since 1992, I make places desirable for other travelers through experiential Travel Writing.

INDIA. Thekkady, Kerala. A trip to God’s own country, Kerala, is like a trip to the heavens. It’s a beautiful destination; nature is at its best and the people are helpful. There are many spectacular locations and it’s difficult for a traveler to visit the entire state in one trip.

Kerala is a tropical sonata with 600km of glorious Arabian Sea coast and beaches. It´s a leisurely network of radiant backwaters along with the spice and tea-covered hills of the Western Ghats.

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Kerala is also famous for its elegant houseboats, various ayurvedic treatments to rejuvenate your body, and delicately spiced cuisine. Wildlife and exotic birds are in abundance here.

Vibrant traditions such as Kathakali plays, martial art forms such as Kalaripayattu, dances like Mohiniyattam, temple festivals, and snake-boat races frequently bring even the smallest villages to life.

A destination with many options

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Thekkady is the spice headquarters of India and for a spice lover, a visit to the town located near Kerala-Tamil Nadu is a must. The Thekkady region is full of forests, Asiatic elephants, hills, savanna grasslands, and spice-scented plantations.

For a tourist, it’s a trip to one of the finest wildlife reserves in India located in the Periyar forest. It is considered as a heaven for natural spices such as black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove.

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A scenic drive through tea estates, various small waterfalls, and a small lake in the hills from Munnar bring a tourist to the most picturesque destination: Thekkady in southern India.

The winding journey to this enchanting hill town along the Periyar River offers stunning panoramic views of the rolling hills draped in lush greenery, picturesque villages, and also the Eastern slope of the Western Ghats.

Homestays are a popular choice

Thekkady has a lot of homestay options. Locals have built rooms in their homes which they rent out to tourists at a moderate price with all the amenities. It is also a good way to experience the local Keralite life here.

Riverboat rides are available

Early morning boat rides to go experience and explore the wildlife along the lake are an awesome experience. This splendid artificial lake is formed because of the Mullaperiyar Dam across the Periyar River and is the main attraction of the park. 

After the boat ride, you can rent a bicycle to go around town at your own pace. Thekkady is a peaceful town and a perfect place to relax and unwind while venturing into a couple of spice gardens and plantations. It’s a great experience to see spices like pepper, cardamom, vanilla, and cocoa fruits in cultivation.

Entertainment and shopping

Tribal Trekking, enjoying a Kathakali performance near the Periyar Meadows, or performance of the Kalari Payattu at the Kalari Center are among the many things tourists can enjoy. Strolling at leisure in the market to buy spices and visiting a cardamom factory, where the raw spice is processed before being exported are also experiences that should not be missed while visiting.

Ayurvedic treatments

Various spas provide different kinds of treatments in traditional ways. They offer the best of Ayurvedic treatments and medicinal massage, which is highly effective and beneficial. An extremely motivated and committed team of therapists ensure the highest quality of treatment and medicinal preparations.


  • Pradeep Chamaria

    I am a photojournalist. Love to travel to unknown and unexplored vistas. Since 1992, I make places desirable for other travelers through experiential Travel Writing.

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