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Gary Nolan Claims 100% Certainty of Existence of Extra-Terrestrial Life on Earth

The Stanford professor assures that he isn't concerned about aliens' threat to humanity

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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UNITED STATES: Renowned immunologist and Stanford University professor Dr. Garry Nolan made a bold declaration at a recent conference in Manhattan, asserting with absolute certainty that extra-terrestrial life forms have visited Earth in the past and continue to be present on our planet today.

Drawing parallels to historical encounters, Dr. Nolan compared potential interactions with aliens to the initial sightings of Spanish ships by South American tribes, suggesting that humans may have already encountered these beings without realising their true nature.

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Contrary to popular belief, Nolan believes intelligent life forms are not mingling among us disguised as humans.

Instead, he theorises that they likely utilise intermediaries or advanced forms of intelligence, challenging our perception and testing our intelligence to detect their presence.

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Reassuringly, the Stanford professor dismissed fears of alien invasions or abductions, stating that his interest lies in exploring the potential benefits of alien technology they may have left behind on Earth.

Intriguingly, Nolan disclosed his involvement with the CIA, where he applied his immunology expertise to investigate medical issues reported by individuals allegedly affected by encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena.

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He highlighted the striking similarities between the symptoms displayed by these patients and the condition known as “Havana syndrome,” which has affected US officials and military personnel stationed abroad.

Furthermore, Nolan claims to have participated in CIA research initiatives that examine materials allegedly recovered from UFO sighting locations.

He revealed contact with individuals associated with covert programmes focused on the reverse engineering of UFO technology.

Recently, several whistle-blowers, estimated to be up to six in number, spoke with the US Congress, providing accounts resembling the Roswell incident.

They described their involvement in retrieving crashed UFOs and subsequent efforts to comprehend and replicate their advanced technology.

President Joe Biden signed a law last year mandating that the Pentagon share classified reports with high-ranking senators regarding undisclosed UFO study programmes in response to the growing interest in UFO-related matters.

Congress also enacted legislation to protect whistleblowers who participated in such programmes. However, during a Senate hearing last month, Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), testified that there is still no conclusive evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

Garry Nolan’s assertions provide a thought-provoking perspective on the existence of extra-terrestrial life and its potential presence on Earth.

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