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Peru Prime Minister Anibal Torres Vasquez Resigns as Investigations Target President Castillo

The resignation announcement was sent in a letter to President Pedro Castillo on Wednesday

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PERU: Peru’s Prime Minister Anibal Torres Vasquez has submitted his resignation letter effective immediately. He is now the fourth Prime Minister to resign within the last year.

President Castillo was previously a teacher before he won his election as president after campaigning on the promises he made to improve the education system, health care, and other services. Still, his first year has been tragic, with Cabinet members changing multiple times.

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Prime Minister Vasquez was Castillo’s fourth prime minister. He started his tenure in February of this year after former Prime Minister Hector Valer had to step down due to allegations of domestic violence against him. Vasquez has previously served as a Justice Minister since Castillo took office on July 28, 2021.

This resignation announcement was sent in a letter to President Pedro Castillo on Wednesday, 3 August, stating his decision was made due to “personal reasons” and wished his “friend” President Castillo success.

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In his letter, posted on Twitter, Vasquez stated, “I retire from this position after having served alongside you, our homeland, and particularly the put-off and forgotten people,” however, by the Peruvian law, President Castillo must either accept or reject his resignation.

Vasquez, who only lasted almost six months, announced his resignation a week after President Castillo marked one year in power. President Castillo is now under pressure to resign by the opposition party, which is the subject of five investigations, of which four of them for alleged corruption.

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