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Philippines Records 239 Deaths In a Single Day Due To COVID-19

Next week, President Rodrigo Duterte will decide whether to re-open the public attractions for resuming economic activities

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PHILIPPINES: The Health Ministry of the Philippines has reported the deaths of 239 people as a result of COVID-19 on Saturday.

Additionally, there were 2,240 confirmed infections on that day.

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This is reportedly the second-highest count of deaths recorded in a single day since the start of the pandemic.

September 14 of last year recorded the highest number of deaths in a day with 259 deaths.

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Moreover, the country capital has in recent days experienced a spike in coronavirus infections.

Previously, the government had decided to re-open the theatres, arcades and shopping malls.

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This discrete decision of the government gave rise to a debate among the mayors of the cities, opposing the decision over the fear of increasing infections.

The resumption of the same hence was postponed for two weeks.

Furthermore, President Rodrigo Duterte in the next week will decide whether to re-open the public attractions for resuming economic activities.

The country is currently in a colloquy with seven manufacturers for importing over 148 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

Authorities have said that the vaccine manufacturers are demanding protection from future product liability claims before delivering the shots.

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The government had planned to kick off its vaccination program by mid-February followed by the arrival of Pfizer BioNTech shots through the COVAX facility. However, due to the absence of an indemnification program, the arrival was delayed.

To save the economy of the country and preventing it from falling into a slump, actions are accordingly being planned.

COVID-19 Update

The country has so far recorded 5,63,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections.

12,094 people have lost their lives to the virus while 5,23,000 cases of recovered patients have been reported so far.

Furthermore, the count of worldwide deaths due to COVID-19 have crossed 2.4 million. 63.1 million people have recovered.


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