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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

PM Modi Chairs High-level Review Meeting on COVID Upsurge

As per the Union Ministry of Health, India has seen 1,134 new cases of coronavirus, and the number of active cases has risen to 7,026

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INDIA: PM Modi recently held a high-level review meeting to discuss the exponential rise of COVID variants. Modi gave instructions to hospital staff to boost whole genome sequencing in samples that tested positive. This is the first COVID-related meeting of the year. 

The pandemic was far from over, and there was a need to routinely monitor the situation across the country, Modi said in response to a recent spike in influenza and COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks. Modi advised everyone to wear masks and take appropriate safety precautions.

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According to information from the Union Health Ministry, India has seen 1,134 new cases of coronavirus, and the number of active cases has risen to 7,026. Aside from that, the death toll rose to 5,30,813 with five deaths. Each of the states of Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, and Maharashtra has reported one death.

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said, “PM Modi chaired the meeting to assess the COVID-19 and influenza situation in the country in terms of preparedness of health infrastructure and logistics, the status of the vaccination campaign, the emergence of new COVID-19 variants and influenza types, and their public health implications for the country.”

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A comprehensive presentation was made by Secretary of Health, Rajesh Bhushan on the crucial global COVID situation and the rising cases in India. Surprisingly, 1.08 lakh daily average cases have been reported globally during the same week. He also shed light on the availability of drugs and their prices. 20 pivotal Covid drugs are being monitored, 12 random drugs, eight safeguard drugs, and one influenza drug. The new variants of H1N1 and H3N2 have been scrutinised in the last few months. 

The PMO said, “Modi directed officials to enhance whole genome sequencing of positive samples with the designated INSACOG genome sequencing laboratories. This will support tracking of newer variants if any, and timely response.”

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