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PM Modi Lashes out at the Opposition Alliance, Refers to Them as “Corrupt and Dynast”

PM Modi visited Gujarat for two days, where he launched several projects, including an international airport

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INDIA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently addressed a public meeting during the inauguration of multiple development projects in Rajkot. PM took a dig at the 26-party opposition alliance I-N-D-I-A amid their proposal of a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha.

Modi addressed a huge gathering at the Racecourse Ground, where he called the new opposition bloc India ‘corrupt and dynast’

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PM Modi visited Gujarat for two days, where he launched several projects, including an international airport.

On this occasion, the PM said that it is natural for some people to get upset when the country is making progress. He went on to say that those who blocked people from developing and never cared about their wants and goals are now enraged because ordinary people’s dreams are being fulfilled.

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He further took a jibe at the opposition parties without naming any and said, “Though these dynasts and corrupt people have changed the name of their jamaat (community), their face, behaviour, and intentions are the same old.”

The Prime Minister went on to say that when the middle class receives something cheaper, the opposition claims farmers are not getting a fair price for their products. He added that when farmers obtain favourable prices, the opposition claims inflation is skyrocketing. He stated that their politics are defined by a double standard.

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Modi also talked about inflation and said the price of one litre of milk would have cost ₹300 if the last government continued to rule.

Just look at their track record in terms of inflation, he said. He went on to say that when they were in power, the rate of inflation was 10%. He claimed that if the current government had not kept inflation under control, prices would have skyrocketed today.

“Had they been in power at present, one litre of milk would have cost ₹ 300, while one kg of dal would have been sold for ₹500,” he added.

According to Modi, approximately 13.5 crore people have been lifted out of poverty in just the previous five years due to his government. The PM claims that if the previous administration had continued in power, monthly phone bills for users would have been close to ₹6,000.

“Every citizen today uses 20 GB of mobile data per month. In 2014 (when the BJP came to power at the Centre), the cost of 1GB of data was Rs. 300,” he added.

Had they (Congress and its allies) been in power at present, people would have been paying ₹6,000 as their monthly bill. But, for 20GB, the bill you pay at present is just ₹300 to ₹400. You are saving nearly $5,000 per month,” he concluded.

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