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Raquel Sanchez: Natural Fabrics And Comfortable Garments Make Me Happy

Raquel Sanchez, an influencer and model, in conversation with Transcontinental Times on fashion, social media, and the changing times

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

SPAIN: Passionate about fashion and digital marketing, Raquel Sanchez is a model and influencer from Spain. “I like being able to help companies and brands by giving them international visibility through my social networks,” says Raquel. 

When asked what inspired her to work as a social media influencer and model, Raquel said, “Given my career as a television model and image hostess in teams like Ferrari, with the help of social media I discovered a wonderful world in the field. I began to develop my career in digital marketing and business image.”

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“I believe that new advertising is more effective through influencers. Sports advertising on television has declined, plus digital marketing generates better and faster results.”

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Further, Raquel told Transcontinental Times about her love for beaches and the need of water conservation. “The oceans are vital for our survival. The planet’s waters are international, so they are not subject to any type of regulation that guarantees their protection. As a lover of the ocean, I try to make people aware of its conservation.”

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About fashion industry in the coming years, Raquel says, “Fashion is in full swing towards a more sustainable and ecological world. Something that makes me very happy is natural fabrics and comfortable garments.”

Lastly, she communicates to budding influencers and fashion models, “Study languages and digital marketing, life on social networks is not an easy task, you have to get along with all kinds of people. Be honest, active, and dynamic.”


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