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Reddit Launches New Feature: Users Can Now Mute Sub-Reddits

Android devices will be the first to get the new Reddit feature, followed by iOS devices and the web

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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UNITED STATES: Reddit has begun rolling out a “community muting” feature to give users complete control over what they see. In the coming weeks, users of the apps will be able to use the feature, which will later be made available to desktop users.

The social news platform claims to be the internet’s front page. Over time, the platform has developed into what it is today. Most users get spammed by notifications after joining more sub-Reddits than they need.

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The new feature allows users to mute a community, removing posts from that community’s notifications, Home feed, and Popular feed.

User u/enthusiastic-potato, a moderator of the official Reddit community, said that the changes are being made to give users more control over the content they see in their feeds, or “their Reddit experience,” as they put it.

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A support article on reddithelp.com included an intuitive guide on how to mute a sub-Reddit to assist users in navigating the platform changes.

The platform has stated that muting a community does not prevent users from visiting it because they can still view posts and comments in that community.

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Users can also unmute a community at any time in the settings where the user can manage community notifications and other preferences. Additionally, the platform stated that once the desktop version of the feature is made available, it will add the mute feature to the All and Discover Pages.

Users of Android devices will receive this feature first, followed by iOS users. Reddit will proceed to apply the update to their website. The platform has likewise asked clients to connect with the stage’s help group, assuming they see content that may antagonistically influence the stage and its clients.

The three dots menu, which the user can find at the top right of a community page or in the Popular and Home feeds, has the option to silence Reddit Communities.

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