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Rishi Sunak Considering to Ban Flavoured Vape for UK Children

Rishi Sunak recently unveiled a comprehensive plan to prevent kids from accessing the addictive product

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED KINGDOM: In order to keep kids from becoming addicted, Rishi Sunak today issued warnings that e-cigarette advertising may soon be completely outlawed in the UK. The prime minister made it clear during a trip to Kent that he was prepared to accept “further action” to stop merchants from courting minors.

Rishi Sunak recently unveiled a comprehensive plan to prevent kids from accessing the addictive product. To prevent children from being flogged behind the counter, random inspections of e-cigarettes sold at flea markets, corner stores, and online are being undertaken.

Likewise, future restrictions may forbid the widespread advertising of e-cigarettes on social media. Sunak did not entirely rule out a blanket prohibition on commercial e-cigarette advertising when he spoke this morning at an e-cigarette chemical testing lab.

Sunak mentioned when inquired about the measure, “As we have seen here in this lab today, there are a number of products that are clearly not designed for adults. They are designed to appeal to children by marketing, promoting, and promoting the flavours they use,” she added, “So right now we’re asking people’s opinions on this, and that could well be one of the steps we’re taking to change the way we regulate the e-cigarette market and advertising.”

Ministers have already asserted that it is against the law for e-cigarette vendors to provide free samples to kids. Furthermore, “Gateway” vapes with candy flavourings that do not contain nicotine are no longer sold to children.

According to the latest government proposals, local anti-vape squads have the authority to fine retailers who illegitimately sell e-cigarettes to minors. Just like they do with alcohol and smoking, kids learn about the detrimental consequences of vaping in school.

In a discussion, Dr. Javed Khan, the man in charge of the government’s review to make England smoke-free by 2030, said that simple packaging for e-cigarettes was an “obvious step.”

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