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Russia Faces Potato Shortage as McDonald’s Fails to Serve French Fries

The potato scarcity may persist until fall, the company has noted

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RUSSIA: It was recently reported that the Russian substitute for McDonald’s, called ‘Vkusno I Tochka’, which roughly translates to ‘Tasty and that’s it’, has temporarily eliminated fries from its menu due to a severe shortage of the “correct variety of potatoes”.

The fast-food chain stated that in the past, it had focused on purchasing products from Russian suppliers, but in 2021, there was a poor harvest of the special potatoes needed for fries. The potato scarcity may persist until fall, the company has noted. It is also said that “rustic potatoes” may also be unavailable in some branches.

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In a statement, the chain also revealed that it usually buys potatoes from Russian suppliers. Still, it has been unable to secure potato stock from abroad due to Russian sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine. This led to McDonald’s deserting the nation, selling its Russian business to tycoon Alexander Govor, who rebranded the McDonald’s company under the Russian name ‘Vkusno I Tochka’.

With Russia facing Western sanctions disrupting supply chains, the country’s economy could shrink by up to 10% in 2022, it has been reported.

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Following a severe gas shortage, Russia’s agriculture ministry downplayed the concern in a telegram titled “There are potatoes- and that’s all.” The ministry added, “The Russian market is fully supplied with potatoes, including processed ones. Furthermore, crops from the new harvest are already arriving, ruling out the possibility of a shortage.”

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