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Sanna Marin: Prime Minister of Finland Petitions for Divorce

In 2019, Marin was elected as the youngest prime minister in the world

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FINLAND: Sanna Marin and her husband, Markus Raikkonen, announced their decision to divorce on Instagram on Wednesday. They expressed their appreciation for their daughter and 19 years of marriage and declared they would always be friends.

Marin and Raikkonen, who recently worked for a venture capital business, got married in 2020 while she was managing the Covid-19 pandemic’s effects. After their marriage, Raikkonen posted on Instagram, “lived our youth together, entered adulthood together, and grown into parents for our dear daughter together”.

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Finnish PM and her Social Democratic party were unsuccessful in last month’s election for the parliament, but she is seen as a millennial role model for progressive new leaders.

Marin’s Social Democrats dropped to third place in the 200-member parliament with 43 seats, trailing only the National Coalition’s 48 seats and the Finns Party’s 46 seats in favour of immigration. The National Coalition is currently in talks to establish a government with the Finns Party. 

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In 2019, Marin was elected as the youngest prime minister in the world and led a centre-left coalition of five female party leaders, four of whom were under the age of 35.

Sanna Marin was Finland’s most beloved prime minister but was controversial due to her role in NATO and partying. During the Covid-19 outbreak, she solidified her standing as a steadfast crisis manager.

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Marin quickly became embroiled in stories about her personal life, which polarised public opinion. Leaked social media videos from August 2022 showed her having a good time with Finnish celebrities, leading her to submit to a drug test to address any concerns of criminality.

The government of Marin has resigned due to controversies but will remain in place until a new administration is formed. Some defended her right to private life, while others believed her inexperience was unfit for her position.

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