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Sayed Hashimi Talks About His Stressful Time at Afghanistan’s Office of Prison Administration

Roshan Bhondekar interviews Sayed Hashim Hashimi - Afghan Government Senior Official at Office of the Prisons Administration, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Urban Development Affairs, Government of Afghanistan

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

AFGHANISTAN: Sayed Hashim Hashimi from Afghanistan is a government official working in various departments of the ministry in Afghanistan. In this episode of 360-degrees Live Show, Hashimi talks about the struggles of a public servant in Afghanistan, the requisites to become one and nevertheless, his life journey.


Inspiration to serve the people of Afghanistan

“Afghanistan is a country with a multi-ethnic population, and due to 40 years of war, we were lagging behind in education. I had the privilege of education, my father is an agriculture professor and he served 45 years for the Afghani people. My mother is an animal husbandry doctor. So my parents motivated me to serve my people, and the best way to do that was by joining the Afghanistan government,” Hashimi told Roshan Bhondekar.

Governance in 2010, and now

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“In all these years we have had positive changes; in 2010 there was lack of expertise and educated personnel in the government of Afghanistan to execute projects and budget. There was lack of educated persons and training to generate and execute international projects. Now in 2022, we have a high capacity range of expertise dedicated to the Afghan government. In 2001, the literacy statistics was 17% in Afghanistan, and as per the World Bank report of 2018, we have 43% of population educated in Afghanistan. So during this period, we changed the manual government system to electronic. Today we are able to fight corruption, overall I think we are able to provide educated expertise through the government to the Afghan population,” Hashimi said.

Challenges while working with the Prison Administration

Hashimi said that of all the departments of the Afghan government he has been associated with, working at the Office of the Prison Administration was the most challenging and dangerous task he has done. There are around 45,000 prisoners in the central jail, working in an environment of criminals and terrorist groups like the Islamic State or the Taliban was a “risky” job.

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“We were constantly targeted by the Taliban and ISIS and also lost some colleagues from the team. Every day was a new challenge. In the midst of this, came COVID-19. So dealing with the quarantine, COVID-19 protocols along with high terrorism ranking groups, at the end of the day felt exhausting and unsafe. I can say that it was the most stressful time of my career.”

Watch the whole interview here

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