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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Income Tax Impersonate As a Wedding Procession Of Jalna, Rolled Out Raid And Seized Rs 58 Crore Cash

200 officials have taken part in the secret operation including I-T officers and policemen, each group of officers followed a special code word

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INDIA.Maharashtra: The Income Tax officials camouflage as Baarati’s of a wedding possession of Maharashtra’s Jalna district. A huge search operation was kept under wraps, before conducting a raid on the residence of two alleged businessmen. The raid was conducted raids on the premises of a steel, cloth merchant and real estate developer in Maharashtra from August 1 to 8.

According to sources, 200 officials have taken part in the secret operation including I-T officers and policemen. They impersonate themselves as bride and bridegroom. Luxury cars for the wedding were booked. Stickers like Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge were also put on the cars, to showcase the actual wedding. The officials of Nashik, Pune, Thane and Mumbai had also put such stickers on their cars.

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The groom was named Rahul and the anonymous bride was named Anjali. Each group of officers followed a special code word. The whole group disguised Groom squad entered Jalna district, split into different teams and entered the premises linked to these two businessmen at the same time. Illegitimate cash, property and pieces of jewellery were recovered from the raid.

A lump sum amount of money was kept in separate bags, each containing Rs 1 crore. The remains of the whole amount were found in the bank lockers of the duo. A rough estimate of Rs 58 crore cash has come into account. More than 390 crore unaccounted assets have come into focus. Ornaments of 32 kg gold, 16 crores including diamonds have been discovered.

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If sources are to be believed, “There are only a few people in Jalna who deal with such a big amount of cash. The I-T officials moving in their official vehicle to Jalna could have alerted the usual suspect handling the unaccounted cash. So, they adopted a strategy and decorated their vehicles like they were going to attend a wedding function with the groom”.

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