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Spain: Health Workers Protest amid Regional Government Cuts

The protesters claimed that the right-wing ruling government is demolishing the public healthcare system

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SPAIN: In the recent update, thousands of health workers held a demonstration in Spain’s capital, over the cutbacks and privatization affecting Madrid’s public healthcare services.

Health workers protest in Spain

The protesters claimed that the right-wing ruling government is demolishing the public healthcare system in order to promote the private sector. The crowd gathered in front of the Ministry of Health building and marched through the city center.

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The mass gathering shouted slogans and was seen carrying signs saying “S.O.S. Public Healthcare” and “Stop Privatization”. The health workers censure the cutbacks by the state government headed by Isabel Ayuso, the official leader of the conservative People’s Party.

According to them, under her leadership, the healthcare industry is suffering from a lack of resources and sufficient staff at public hospitals which is causing normal people to opt for private hospitals.

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According to a statement, “screening appointments such as mammograms are canceled or rescheduled for months in the future.”

The current demonstration came to light just two months after at least 200,000 people took to the streets in Madrid in November 2022. The same situation has been happening since the pandemic, and now it’s been three years.

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Madrid has the highest per capita revenue of any region in Spain. According to the unions that organised the protests on January 15, “Madrid pays the least per capita on primary health care of any Spanish region.”

Previously the regional government brought the new model for non-hospital emergency health centers, which remained understaffed since then the problems arose and now it has become endless.

Now Ayuso stated in her statement, “It was convened to recruit new far-left leadership for the Madrid region because of the Socialist party’s impending demise. Without a doubt, two million Madrileños would have shown up if it had only been a protest for public healthcare.”

Meanwhile, the rage in Madrid is widely spreading to other parts of the country, including Catalonia, Valencia, Extremadura, Andalusia, Navarre, and Aragon, for many similar reasons.

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