Zalmai Khalilzad Travels To Kabul As Peace Council Holds The Last Meeting To Gather Views On Turkey Conference

30 proposals for peace were received by the Office of Higher Peace Council for National Reconciliation. Photo Credit: TOLO News

Kidnapped Afghan Child Abducted Five Months Ago Turns 10 Today

The case has garnered public attention & raised questions about politicized criminal networks. Photo Credit: Twitter

Afghan President Ghani Shares Peace Plan Details

Officials say that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will present a three-phase peace plan for Afghanistan during the upcoming meeting in Turkey. Photo Credit: TOLO News

Bomb Blast Kills Religious Scholar In Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN. Takhar: Mawlawi Abdul Samad Mohammadi, head of Takhar Ulema Council, was killed and three others were wounded this afternoon in a magnetic bomb...

Three Female Polio Vaccination Workers Killed In Nangarhar, Afghanistan

About three million children were deprived of the polio vaccine in the past three years, according to the Afghan health ministry. Photo Credit: Twitter

The Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process Conference Opens in Tajikistan

Afghan officials say they attended the conference with an agenda for regional consensus on Afghan peace. Photo Credit: Afghanistan Presidential Palace

“Hard” To Meet May 1 Deadline, Says Biden

AFGHANISTAN. Herat: Speaking at a live press conference on Thursday, US President Joe Biden said that it will be hard to meet the May...

We Went In Together, We Will Leave Together: Anthony Blinken

BELGIUM. Brussels: At a press conference in Brussels, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated that the US will “rebuild and revitalize” the NATO...

Unhappy Marriages Linked To Higher Suicide Rates In Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN. Herat: Every year the rate of women committing suicide is rising in Afghanistan. In most suicide cases it is found that women end...

Afghan Woman Opens A Radio Station In Farah City

AFGHANISTAN. Farah:  The 'Voice of Women' radio has begun its broadcasting this week after it was established a month ago in the city of...

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