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Monday, November 28, 2022
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International Art Project ‘TELEPORTATION 1’ Opens Stargates for Interhuman Communications

POLAND: TELEPORTATION 1 Art Postcard Poland / 2022 concluded its inaugural show on August 7, 2022, at The Galeria DAP (Domu Artysty Plastyka) in Okręg Warszawski,...

String Quartet Plays Vivaldi on “Violin of Noah” Down The Venice Canal

ITALY: Built by artist and woodcarver Livio De Marchi as a tribute to the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, "Violin of Noah" floated down...

NYC Art Collector Stuart Pivar Discovers Long-Lost Van Gogh Painting

NEW YORK: Art collector, Stuart Pivar claims that he has rediscovered a long-lost work by the famed impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh. Pivar, who is an...

Sustainable Art: Nike And Footshop Bring The Future To Light In Czechia

CZECHIA: The Prague-based Canadian artist David Strauzz recently painted the "We Share The Same Future" ecological mural on the UNIQ Tesla building in Holešovice, Prague. Under the...

Graffiti Artist Vladimir Hirscher In 24 Questions: On New Horizons, SpaceX, NASA, And Transhumanism

Interview with graffiti artist Vladimir Hirscher, also known as Caer8th: one of the most prolific street artists and painters in Europe.

US Agrees To Return Thai Artifacts Stolen In 1960s

THAILAND: Ancient artifacts that were smuggled out of Thailand decades ago and ended up on display at a museum in the United States will...

Conceptual Artist Teresa Burga Dies At 85

PERU: Teresa Burga, a conceptual artist whose works mainly focused on 'Women and Labor' have died at the age of 85. The Peruvian Ministry...

A Tale Of A Humanitarian With Humble Beginnings

INDIA. Aurangabad: Beginning with humble backgrounds, an artist at heart, but above all a human being, with a heart of gold, Suresh Joshi ...

Photographer Uses Juxtaposition To Convey A Unified Message

United States. Rochester, New York. Twenty-three-year old Zach Brown found himself with an arts degree and an uncertain future. An unexpected break Nearly six months...

Exquisite Doors of India

Exqusite. intricatelycarvedand artistically built doors are the front face of a haveli.

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