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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Serial Killer

Nepal’s Supreme Court Orders the Release of Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj

NEPAL: On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Nepal ordered the release of notorious French serial killer Charles Sobhraj on the grounds of his advanced age. The...

Rome Police Looking for a Potential Serial Killer after Discovering Three Deceased Women

ITALY: Three women's deaths were discovered in two apartments in Rome's upscale Prati neighborhood, prompting police to look into the possibility of a serial...

Hero Policeman Remembered For The Arrest Of A Notorious Serial Killer

Police Officer Alex Fialho died due to heart attack.. He was credited with nabbing a dreaded criminal, who had terrorized Mumbai with serial killings in Seventies.

Executed Serial Killer Cremated After 60 Years of Preservation

THAILAND. Nonthaburi. Executed serial killer was cremated on 23 July at Bang Phraek Tai Temple, after 60 years of preservation. In 1959, Si Quey,...

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