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Friday, July 12, 2024

Tech Firms Lure Ex-Twitter Employees with Better Corporate Workspace

Elon Musk's big entrance at the Twitter headquarters marked the final day for many of the previous employees

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UNITED STATES: Multi-billionaire Tesla owner and now “Chief Twit,” Elon Musk, has wreaked havoc on Twitter employees, laying off more than 3,700 of the company’s long-term employees from the tech firm.

Emerging companies are poised to seize this opportunity now that the tech market is brimming with former Twitter employees with valuable experience working in one of the world’s largest corporations.

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Talent-starved technology firms are now trying to lure thousands of ex-Twitter employees with the promise of a better, sustainable, and secure corporate environment without the hankering authority of what many believe to be a narcissistic megalomaniac like Elon Musk.

Following Elon Musk’s big entrance at the Twitter headquarters, which marked the final day for many of the previous employees without prior notice, hundreds of people left the company to avoid Musk’s sweeping reforms. The head of French operations was the latest member of top management to resign on Monday.

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One of the corporations eager to employ prospectively laid-off Twitter workers is the U.S. software company, HubSpot. Its chief people officer, Katie Burke, slammed Musk over alleged reports that Musk had fired some of the employees who had criticised him on the company’s internal Slack channels.

“As a leader, getting criticised is part of your job. Great leaders recognise that debate and disagreement make you better and are part of the process. If you want a place where you can disagree (in a kind, clear manner, of course) with people, HubSpot is hiring,” she wrote in a LinkedIn post.

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Other companies are using similar advertising tactics, like HubSpot. Michael Weening, CEO of U.S. cloud and software company Calix, described the latest events at Twitter as “disturbing.”

According to Weening’s LinkedIn post, his organisation is eager to create a stable, encouraging, and safe corporate environment that “begins with our team members.”

“From our standpoint, this is a fantastic opportunity because people who would not have spoken to us before are disillusioned and looking. The toxic culture has people saying no more,” he told the media.

Other giant U.S. tech firms, including Meta and Amazon, have sacked thousands of staff in recent weeks due to the uncertain economic environment.

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