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The PHASMA: A Soundproof Mask, Because Playing In Silence Is No Fun

Multi-layer concept, semi-rigid frame, and optional second strap ensure the mask's optimal soundproof properties, heat dissipation, and enough space for producing quality voice

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SPAIN: The co-founders of the startup Metadox SL Andres Belles, a mechanical engineer with a passion for video games, and project manager Carles Tarazona have teamed up with the California-based branding expert Choon H. Lee to crowdfund The PHASMA. A soundproof mask for gaming, the PHASMA has received on Kickstarter 1/5th of the required funding over six days, and 54 days separate the team from the required aim.

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Metadox aims at enabling gamers to play any time without disturbing their environment, providing product solutions with optimal and practical design in terms of both usability and durability. Production of the PHASMA is done with ecology and climate change in mind, and fingerprint is reduced as the project is entirely based on sustainable local manufacturing, being all components made and assembled in Spain.

What is the PHASMA, Anyways

The PHASMA: A Soundproof Mask. Because Playing in Silence is No Fun.

The PHASMA is a respectful-to-one’s-environment, comfortable, and easy-to-breathe-through soundproof mask for gaming that is headset and microphone-compatible. Its multi-layer concept, semi-rigid frame, and optional second strap ensure the mask’s optimal soundproof properties, heat dissipation, and enough space for producing quality voice. As the prototype has proven to effectively muff up to 20 dB depending on the frequencies, the creators say that “sound dampening works better at higher frequencies, which are the ones that disturb the most.” The mask is waterproof and its composition allows for easy cleaning.

Out of Curiosity

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On the one hand, in the gaming context, the name Metadox is a combo between “Meta,” meaning “beyond the best,” and “Dox,” which implies “utilizing the best tools.” On the other hand, the in-game description of Captain Phasma, the first female villain of the Star Wars Universe is: “A commanding officer of the First Order, Captain Phasma uses every tool possible to ensure her survival. Her staff strikes allows her to deal with attackers who are foolish enough to come close.

“Because Playing in Silence is No Fun,” the mask, and the female-first marketing approach, I think that the name is inspired by Captain Phasma. What are your thoughts on that?

Captain Phasma | Behind The Scenes History

Discussion Points

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While some assume that the project development has something to do with the coronavirus outbreak, the team confirms that it has been planned in early 2019 as a necessity for gamers, much before masks became the “everyday accessory.”

  • Have you seen something similar as a product?
  • Do you think the offer starting at 79 EUR is adequate for such a production?
  • How do you find the overall project?
  • Do you think Metadox will achieve their funding goal? …


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