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The Roots Of BJP Government Seem To Dwindle As Farmers Continue Protest Against Farm Laws

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Kritika Sodhi
Kritika Sodhi
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INDIA. New Delhi: With farmers gaining support from all corners of the world, anger and anti-BJP sentiments amongst the public is skyrocketing. The stronghold of the BJP government seems to be falling down due to the new farm law farmers are protesting against. Narendra Modi has been addressing the farmers from states like Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh but avoided engaging in any conversation with the farmers protesting at the Delhi border.

The farmer agitation is taking new turns with each passing day. Hindu extremists have been disrupting a peaceful farmers agitation. The deadlock between the government has resulted in more than 30 farmers losing their lives.

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One of the protestors at Singhu border said, “Government is saying that these laws will be beneficial for us, but why are you trying to give us benefits that we do not want?” Such questions need to be addressed by the government under the democratic setup. The National Media which is controlled by the BJP government has misled the public by shifting a farmer-centric protest to a protest by Sikhs calling it a demand for ‘Khalistan.’ The distressed conditions on the border has led to people dying or committing suicide.

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The afternoon of 16th December 2020 came with mournful news of the death of Saint Baba Ram Singh Ji. He took away his own life by shooting himself. He could not bear the plight of protesting farmers.

He supported farmers and donated five lakh rupees. Along with this, he distributed 5000 blankets to the protesters sitting on Singhu Border.

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The 65-year-old saint was a head priest of the Sikh temple in the Singhra village in Nissing area of Haryana’s Karnal district. Before shooting himself, he wrote a suicide letter.

Sant Baba Ram Singh ji ends his life at Kundli Border, Delhi
Suicide Note written by Sant Baba Ram Singh Ji.
Photo Credit: PTC News

The suicide letter states, “I have witnessed the plight of the farmers, who are on the streets, struggling for their rights. I am hurt to see that the government is not giving them justice. It is a crime. It is a sin to oppress and it is a sin to suffer. Many did what they could, Many even expressed their wrath by returning awards and honours given to them,”

The followers of Saint Baba Ram Singh Ji from around the world stated that it is not a suicide. They call it a sacrifice done for the farmers. People gathered in thousands and lakhs to pay their final regards to the saint and said, “Maharaj ji ne shahadat diti hai kisana vaste, Modi Ji, hun te kisana de sun lo.” (Maharaj Ji sacrificed his life for farmers; Modi Ji, now listen to the farmers).

The Farmers protest has brought out the arrogant attitude of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his officials. The government officials ridiculed the protestors for eating pizzas on the border and having proper arrangements. While the same government kept quiet when the farmers were committing suicide.

Saint Baba Ram Singh Ji said many people gave away their prestigious titles to show solidarity with the farmers. Human life is the most prestigious gift which he is giving away for the sake of farmers.


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