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Friday, January 27, 2023

Xi Compels Drugmakers to Produce Anti-Covid Meds as Tourists Visit China

Xi defended his “Zero Covid” policy that ignited nationwide protests in late November

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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CHINA: On Thursday, medical experts and drugmakers rushed to produce anti-Covid medicines as President Xi Jinping gets worried over tourists visiting the unprogressive rural areas of the country in light of the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations. 

Xi Jinping’s policy on controlling Covid cases

The rural parts of China have been struggling with the Covid outbreak. Its subsequent spread due to a dearth of immediate Covid resources and medical facilities can cause an increase in affected patients, with approximately 36,000 deaths per day as reported by Airfinity, the UK-based health data firm. 

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Xi defended his “Zero Covid” policy that ignited nationwide protests in late November. It was lifted last month due to a staggering decline in the economic prospects in the country.

Xi plans to prioritize seeking Covid measures for the most vulnerable inhabitants of the rural areas providing sufficient medical care and facilities. 

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Xi also addresses the plights and shortcomings of the government to provide proper measures to the rural counterparts of the country.

A ten times augmentation of the Covid deaths in hospitals between Dec 8 and Jan 12 caused 60,000 deaths, excluding deaths at homes that often go unrecorded, making China unreliable in giving a clear picture of the toll of the virus. 

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China’s grave Covid situation and the unprecedented death tolls owe much to a total disregard for mass lockdowns, Covid restrictions, and frequent testing. 

China’s immediate Covid priority lies in making the important fever and cough medicines, the production of which would be increased threefold, as reported by China Daily. 

For a greater part of the Covid treatment phase, China has relied heavily on local vaccines rather than foreign vaccines. The latter has been proven more useful. 

Hong Kong has been giving a subtle hope by foreseeing the recovery rate of Covid patients mentioning on Thursday that people infected with Covid-19 would not require to quarantine from Jan 30.  

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