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TVF’s ‘College Romance’ in Trouble: Delhi High Court Files an FIR against the Show

Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma claimed that the language used in the series is vulgar

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INDIA: The Viral Fever (TVF) web series “College Romance” got wrapped up in legal trouble as the Delhi High Court registered an FIR against the show.

As per the Court, the Simarpreet Singh-directed College Romance series has offensive language that doesn’t reflect the language used by the majority of college students.

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As per High Court, “A moral understanding of right and wrong is the foundation of criminal law. Although this Court does not advocate restricting the celebration of freedom of expression, it cannot help but note that in the current case, despite claims of freedom of expression and the youth’s shifting linguistic preferences, the overriding motivation is economic gain. As a result, restrictions are appropriate in these situations, and violations require punishment.”

College Romance series is declared “filthy, profane, and vulgar”, thus the three-judge bench led by Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma claimed that the vulgar language and scenes shown in the series will deprave and corrupt the brains of young people. Sharma, during her observation theory, watched the episodes of the show with earphones in the chamber because of the frequent use of inappropriate words.

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The justice added, “The Court was forced to watch the episodes in the chamber through earphones because the profanity used was so extreme that it could not have been heard without shocking or alarming those nearby and keeping in mind the decorum of language that is upheld by a prudent man whether in the workplace, the public, or even with family members at home.”

“This Court makes clear that this language cannot be referred to as the most widely spoken language in our nation because neither the nation’s youth nor other people of our country speak it,” she concluded.

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Now, the College Romance casting director and the film’s main lead actors have to face the challenges that are made by the Sessions Court and ACMM for directing the filing of FIRs against them.

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