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US, Europe Suspects Russian Agents of Sending Letter Bombs to Officials in Spain

Spain and other nations are conducting investigations to identify the sender of six letter bombs

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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SPAIN: Officials from the US and Europe suspect the officers at the Russian military intelligence working in association with the Main Directorate, G.R.U, responsible for a letter bomb campaign that occurred in Spain very recently. The organization has also been testing proxy groups that adhere to such aggressive and radical campaigns. 

US, Europe allege that Russian intelligence directed the mail bombing

According to reports, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Defense Minister Margarita Robles, and foreign diplomats were targeted. Spain and other nations are conducting investigations to identify the sender of six letter bombs mailed to various locations in Madrid in November and December. 

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In addition to the American and Ukrainian embassies and the Defense Ministry, the Prime Minister’s official home was targeted.

The prime focus of these investigations has been a radical group called the Russian Imperial Movement, comprising members from across Europe and military-style training centers in Russia. 

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Members of this group holding power have been in Spain with probable connections with far-right Spanish Organizations. 

The US officials have severely condemned these acts and considered these atrocious acts of terrorism. The US is also aware of the Russian Imperial Movement’s military training center in St. Petersburg, making this white supremacist group be labelled a terrorist group for the first time.

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Despite Kremlin’s Association with the letter bombs being unclear, the Russian Imperial Movement has scorned the war gestures that were made by Kremlin on Ukraine and also condemned President Vladimir Putin for corruption.

The act of sending letter bombs could be anticipated as Russia’s signal to launch attacks in the West’s rear areas. 

Russia, however, is not planning to initiate widespread covert attacks in Europe as doing so would greatly provoke larger conflict and would upset NATO.  

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