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Possible Witness Tampering, Trump’s Connections with Far-Right Extremist Groups: House Jan 6 Committee

With seven public hearings completed, the committee will hold another hearing next week

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UNITED STATES: The connections between former President Donald Trump and the far-right extremist groups that were at the forefront of the violent effort to stop the transition of power and keep him in office, despite his election loss, were further developed during the most recent hearing of the House select committee looking into the January 6, 2021 incident.

On Tuesday, The House January 6 committee met and discussed the affiliations between Trump, his informal political advisers, and members of far-right militia groups. The committee reviewed excerpts and other materials to make the case that the former President pressured Congress to overturn the 2020 election.

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The riots resulted in the loss of five lives and hundreds injured. The revolt was sufficient enough to nudge Republicans to denounce their leader for a few days. The committee would be tasked to tell the story of Trump’s unsuccessful coup. 

In November 2020, America elected President Joe Biden, who had the victory over Trump by over 7 million votes and 74 electoral votes. He then proceeded to file at least 62 lawsuits, many alleging voter fraud after his loss but was unsuccessful.

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He challenged recounts and audits, but the results did not change. But because the former President could not come to terms with his loss, he prompted a violent attack on the Capitol.

On Tuesday, the panel continuously highlighted a tweet made by Trump in December 2020, which they said was the motive for his supporters to come to Washington, DC. 

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The tweet claimed it was “statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election” and said there would be a “Big protest in D.C. on January 6.” Trump infamously added, “Be there, it will be wild!”

The committee unveiled evidence Tuesday showing how Trump’s call for his supporters to march to the Capitol on January 6 had been planned in advance.

The committee showed a draft tweet — which Trump did not send — calling for marching to the Capitol. “I will be making a Big Speech at 10 AM on January 6 at the Ellipse (South of the White House). Please arrive early, massive crowds expected. March to the Capitol after. Stop the Steal!!” the draft tweet says. 

The tweet, which the committee obtained from the National Archives, includes a stamp saying, “President has seen.”

In addition, the committee showed a text message from rally organizer Kylie Jane Kremer to right-wing businessman Mike Lindell that said the President would “unexpectedly” tell his supporters to march to another stage outside the Supreme Court building, which is behind the Capitol.

Possible Witness Tampering

Rep. Liz Cheney informed the panel in her closing remarks that former President Donald Trump had recently attempted to get in touch with a witness who “you haven’t seen in the hearings”.

Evidently recognising the caller ID, the witness chose not to answer the phone and instead got in touch with a lawyer, who informed the committee. The Justice Department was subsequently referred to by the committee.

Though many details about the call, including its intent and intended recipient, are still unknown, the way it was described on Tuesday raised the possibility that Trump or a close associate was trying to influence witness testimony in the ongoing congressional hearings into the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

With seven public hearings completed, the committee will hold another hearing next week.

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