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Women’s Day Special: 5 Best Travel Destinations for Women

Here is a list of top places to visit with your precious women this women's day 2023

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. A day to commemorate the bountiful capabilities of women, meant to stand on a higher pedestal in all aspects of life and with pride. This special day ought to be dedicated to our women friends, catching up with old ones, and maybe planning a getaway to places that are ideal and comfortable for an all-women’s adventure that involves hassle-free pre-planning, visa formalities, and travel necessities. 

Women’s exclusive travel programs have boomed in recent years. Women in the US like to indulge in leisure travel at a 63% to 37% ratio over men, as indicated by Michael Goldstein, which makes the travel packages suit women’s requirements for a brilliant experience.

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Here is a list of top places to visit with your special women this women’s day:


Notable for its quaint landscapes, amicable people, and pleasant weather, this country welcomes tourists and promises them safety, encouraging them to engage in a rejuvenating travel spree. Bhutan does not require a visa, but a permit is necessary for Indian citizens to enter its premises. 

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Thimpu which is replete with beautiful cafes is the ideal place to visit with your female friends. Paro has a beautiful stretch of fields, hills, and narrow, entwining rivers, which add charm to the landscape.

Photo Credit: Pixabay/Robea Brok


Morocco is a diverse country that felicitates diverse cultures, personalities, and people. Some of the most important travel destinations in this country are Marrakesh, the medieval medina of Fez, and its streets and markets. This is ideal for a visit with your girls’ gang, as each tour is tailored to suit the requirements and interests of women.

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Naya Traveler provides such packages that are exclusively meant for women. A woman host would be there to aid you and your group and introduce you to the female leaders, and important personas. Other places of eminence in this region are the all-girls school in the High Atlas Mountains, and the Amal Foundation, an organization that works for women’s empowerment. Certain activities that one can engage in Morocco are pottery workshops and designing one’s kaftan. 


Visa in Indonesia’s Bali is available on an arrival basis, Bali is a popular destination for group travel that can be enjoyed with the pristine green paddy fields, spectacular waterfalls, and blue clearwater beaches. This place also has a greater number of restaurants, beach shacks, and clubs where the girls’ gang can have the time of their lives, drinking their favourite drinks under the mellow sun while enjoying each other’s company.

Photo Credit: Pexels/putusuardina

Abu Dhabi 

If you want to engage in luxury trips, with women-exclusive shopping sprees, landscape viewing, and luxury hostel stays, then this capital city of the United Arab Emirates is ideal for you and your female groups. One can visit the most popular sites in the city, like the Emirates Palace, Ferrari World, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and Yas Waterworld. The most thrilling experience in this place and a must-do for all tourists is the desert safari, without which this trip seems incomplete. The visa for the United Arab Emirates alters, but one can get hold of a visa usually within a week.

Photo Credit: Pexels/iva prime


Thailand is one of the most affordable places to visit with a group, with an array of part cultures, lovely beaches, and hikes through the jungle. Most of the tourists who have an affinity for activities can enjoy a number of water sports and activities and visit the colourful zoos and bird sanctuaries. This country is also one of the safest to visit. One can, with a group of girl pals, enjoy a scrumptious Thai meal with a unique blend of spices at cheap prices.

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