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Yoga For The Beginners; A Roadmap To Well-being

Sage Patanjali systematized yogic techniques during a time when stress levels were not very heavy in society

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
Accountancy and Auditing.CS from ICSI,Delhi.PGDFT from the World Trade Institute_Gold Medalist.keen in Pharma Industry,Corporate,Culture,Finance,Foreign Trade,Procurement & SCM.

INDIA. Mumbai: Yoga has a complete message for the mind, body, and soul. The sage Patanjali systematized yogic techniques during a time when stress levels were not very heavy in society. The needs of the primitive homosapiens were fewer. Food, clothing, shelter were the basic needs, apart from progressive psychological and biological needs.

The 8-fold path of sage Patanjali

People lived in primitive societies, where there were no major technological gadgets and stress levels were low, unlike today. Yoga was practiced thousands of years ago in BCE but was not
systematized until the sage Patanjali defined Yoga as an 8-fold path, comprising;
1.Yama,2.Niyama (Rules and regulations)
3.Asanas,4.Pranayama (Posture and bioenergy control)
5.Pratyahara,6.Dharana, Dyana,6.Samadhi.(Abstraction, Concentration, Meditation, and Super consciousness)

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The Sage, Patanjali took steps to systematize yoga asanas and pranayama techniques, which are being taught today in yoga classes in our modern society. The techniques have also been used as an alternative therapy for many diseases and disorders.

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Yoga for the beginners

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Learning yoga asanas, as a beginner is simple because there are many institutes of yoga, with well studied and practicing yoga teachers who guide the student in the right direction. This is achieved through the practice of yoga exercises and pranayama techniques.

Role of a Doctor or an Ayurvedacharya in Yoga institutes

A Doctor or an Ayurvedacharya is always available at good Yoga institutes. If one has learned yoga, as a therapy, for the first time, then, everything is, in reality, the first time. And Yogic practices are not different for a beginner. One would be amazed at how these exercises are performed and what they look like. As a novice, the Yoga teacher will ask the practitioner, to show their reports to the doctor available in the Yoga School. These could be some reports, for a disease or disorder. He/She will examine the problem of the student who desires to take up the yogic method of alternative therapy or cure.

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Reputed Yoga Schools, give immense importance to the method of alternative cure and therapy, by selecting an easy course of asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, and some simple kriyas. The aspect of Yama and Niyamas, are left for practice by the student, after seeking the benefits of bringing the mind under control by training the body in a better state of well-being.

Body culture training and bringing the mind at rest

Yogis believe that the mind and body are interconnected and by training the body, one can train the mind too. This belief has never failed over time. Yoga has harmonious teaching where neuro-muscular coordination is accomplished through the practice of asanas(postures).

With it’s great effects, doctors are convinced that yoga has some therapeutic effects and can be recommended for those who have an illness that is difficult to cure. If one has a chronic illness, one can practice it for beginners and apply it himself/herself. These are physical culture exercises, but ‘Yoga is also a way of life!

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If one wants to practice yoga for beginners, you need to believe that it is effective and will help you to heal or refresh. It is a well-studied Indian art and science of body culture. They are not to be seen merely as exercises but something more than that. Constant practice and implementing the techniques for many days regularly, one can get the desired benefits. The practice should be maintained for at least a minimum of 3 months to experience its effect on the human body and mind, thereby getting the self(soul) healed through these practices. Oneness is restored in the mind and body, and hence the soul gets nourishment (Chaitanya shakti) for living in unison with itself.

Research and the healing process

Extensive research has been undertaken to prove that yoga can be useful in the healing process. Therefore, it has been proven that the yoga position is extremely effective and useful for beginners when it comes to maintaining joint flexibility at a high level. Although the state of yoga for beginners is simple and basic, it can lead to a consistently healthy lifestyle and even more when re-experimented. The basic postures involve the spinal cord and its five twists, Posterior, Anterior, Frontal, Vertical, Torsional (as in a Twist position) e.g; Bhjangasana, Halasana,Vakrasana, Chakrasana,Tadasana, Matsyasana,Yastikasana, Shavasana. These are some of the types of asanas.

The yoga postures are interesting and exciting for beginners. It will never be difficult for beginners to continue exercising. The technique of yoga gives the elements that contribute greatly to our internal glands and organs. It consists of the organs of the human body that are stimulated by the postures.

Yoga has positive and negative effects too, if not practiced under the guidance of a teacher. The duration of execution and maintenance of postures is of paramount importance for a beginner. The novice cannot fully cope with long-term practice. The novice needs rest so that the body does not drain easily to prepare for the next position. Shavasana is practiced periodically between two postures. And once after completing, asanas and pranayamas.

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As a beginner, the most important thing one needs to understand is self-discipline. If one has not mastered the basics, then one should not try postures and pranayamas which are meant for a novice/ beginner. Even the practitioner will not be happy if a particular posture is not mastered.


  • Nilesh Chogle

    Accountancy and Auditing.CS from ICSI,Delhi.PGDFT from the World Trade Institute_Gold Medalist.keen in Pharma Industry,Corporate,Culture,Finance,Foreign Trade,Procurement & SCM.

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