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‘You Get to Visit Places, Interact with People, Exchange Thoughts,’ Says Yogita Lad about Travelling

Excitement and curiosity to travel and explore places are what inspired Yogita Lad to vlog

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SPAIN: Ever since she was a kid, Yogita Lad had a flair for writing. She would write speeches in school for events like Independence day, Republic day, Teacher’s day and street plays. But being the elder daughter, in the midst of responsibilities her passion and dreams got blurry.

40-year-old Yogita Lad stays with her family in Madrid, Spain. However, she hails from Mumbai, India. 

The story of a vlogger

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“I got married in 2004, and yet again I got busy being a mother and wife and my dreams became secondary. But when you are truly honest with your dreams, your goals, you will definitely find a way. It is all about your willpower. And one fine day I decided, let’s complete the incomplete dreams,” said Lad.

That fine day came during the Covid-19 pandemic. Until the pandemic, Lad worked with Técnicas Reunidas for five years. 

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“I lost my job. Covid-19 proved that life is unpredictable and we can’t take anything for granted.”

Holding on to this willpower and with a mission to pursue her childhood passion, Lad started her YouTube channel and made vlogs about Spain culture.

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Excitement and curiosity to travel and explore places are what inspired Lad to vlog. 

“Travelling is a big learning. You get to know about many things, you visit different people, interact with them and exchange thoughts and experiences,” Lad told Transcontinental Times.

“We all need to do things that give us happiness, especially if it comes from our childhood dreams. It is never too late to realise or to do something which we always wanted to, consciously or unconsciously.”

Helping travellers with positive video content

Everyone has some misconception about the things they do not know enough. In the travelling context; the misapprehension that everything is expensive in western countries and Europe. So through her vlogging, Lad makes content for people to have a better idea of different places around the world and for them to understand reality. 

“Most people want to travel but they have a limited budget. I want to educate them; they can travel and explore European countries with their set budget at the same time enjoy their trip,” said Lad.

Lad makes this possible for her audience with videos on places to shop at cheaper prices, eateries providing reasonable food or fish markets, shopping malls, etc. Some people have doubts about the visa process, settling abroad, compromises on a personal level or adapting to the country’s lifestyle. “These issues can be resolved by my videos and people can show interest and can take a step ahead to plan their trip.”

The scope of vlogging in the coming years

Today people are more outgoing and are confident to travel and learn from others experiences, they trust information with narrative and good presentation. Google can always assist you but when someone gives you their experience, it has a personal touch, and you can rely on that. 

For instance, if you want to try a new recipe, google can provide you with all the details but when you watch a video of a person demonstrating the process with the right ingredients, alternatives and quantity; you are seeing the person experience the process which gives you the confidence to do the same. 

Vlogging is the ladder for marketing or promoting places.

A note to vloggers-to-be

“Know your audience well, choose your content accordingly and deliver that message through your vlog. Make sure you are covering all the information, accurate information. So give your 100% at research. Audience are the ones helping you make and choose content for your next vlog, so be sensitive towards them. And always consider feedback positively. Learning approach is the key to becoming a successful vlogger,” communicated Lad.

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