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Zelenskiy Claims That Ukraine is Prepared to Launch a Counterattack

The US has agreed to give Ukraine $37 billion in military assistance

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UKRAINE: President Volodymyr Zelenskiy stated that Ukraine is prepared to begin its long-awaited counteroffensive to retake territories controlled by Russia. He said that he is confident that the counteroffensive will be successful but is unsure of the timeframe. He is prepared to do it and is confident that it will be successful.

The Ukrainian capital believes a counteroffensive to retake lost ground could alter the conflict. Zelenskiy has been making diplomatic efforts to keep the backing of the West by requesting more military assistance and equipment. Large portions of the east, south, and southeast of Ukraine are controlled by Russia.

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Ukraine has expanded its attacks on Russian weapons storage and transportation corridors, with Mariinka in the eastern Donetsk region being the scene of fighting. All 14 strikes by Russian troops were defeated by Ukrainian forces, according to reports.

Ukraine has prepared 12 brigades of 60,000 soldiers to lead an invasion of Russia. Long-range missile strikes against Russian military bases are among the early shaping operations, but Kyiv is still worried that many Ukrainian lives will be lost.

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To protect troops from the larger Russian air force, the president expressed his fear that “a large number of soldiers will die” and reiterated his desire for new air defence systems.

The president and other Western officials have the necessary equipment to conduct a counteroffensive against Ukraine, suggesting a serious attack is likely in the coming weeks. The White House National Security Council is confident that they have met Ukraine’s needs to conduct their counteroffensive now.

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The US has agreed to give Ukraine $37 billion in military assistance, making it the biggest single supporter of the armed forces in the West. Germany has committed €4.2 billion, and Britain has offered £4.6 billion.

Leaders in Ukraine are extremely concerned about what might occur if Joe Biden loses to Donald Trump or another Republican in the upcoming US presidential election in late 2024. Trump chose to use an ambiguous formulation last month to express his desire to stop the deaths of Russians and Ukrainians.

In the interview with the media, Zelenskiy, in an effort to convince a larger Republican audience of the importance of backing Ukraine and persuade the party’s erratic front-runner to do the same. He stated that a new president could have a negative impact on US military assistance, but he felt the same way as any other person.

Zelenskiy also questioned Trump’s claim that he could stop the war in 24 hours, noting that he had failed to end the simmering conflict that erupted in 2014 following Russia’s acquisition of Crimea and separatist occupation of areas of the eastern Donbas.

He sees no point in attending the NATO summit in Vilnius until Ukraine is provided with a clear path to joining the military alliance.

Zelenskiy’s remarks show he is prepared to engage in tough negotiations on the matter. Earlier this week, French President Emmanuel Macron issued a warning that alliance members might not be able to come to an agreement at the summit itself.

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