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Afghan Diaspora Group Protests in Austria against Taliban’s Rule

The organisation also chastised Pakistan for meddling in Afghan affairs

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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AUSTRIA: An Afghan diaspora group recently organised a rally in Vienna to commemorate a year since the Taliban overthrew Afghanistan’s democratically elected government and took control of the country. 

The organisation also chastised Pakistan for meddling in Afghan affairs.

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“We, the participants of the internal demonstration, firmly implore the international community to denounce Pakistan’s actions in Afghanistan and its continuous backing for terror organisations operating in Afghanistan,” the protesters said in a statement.

A sizable crowd participated in a protest in front of the Pakistani Embassy in Austria that was organised by a section of the Afghan diaspora. The phrases “Pakistan- Terror Funding State Cease Utilising Afghanistan For Your Drug Trafficking” and “Pakistan Stop Killing Innocent Afghans” were written on a banner that the protesters were holding.

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The diaspora also urged the European Union, NATO, and the United Nations Security Council to establish a new strategy and policy to end the conflict in Afghanistan and prevent Pakistan from meddling in Kabul’s domestic affairs in order to lay the foundation for long-term peace and security in the country.

Protestors ask for action against Pakistan

In addition, the demonstrators demanded that the European Parliament “arrest” all Pakistani ISI members, senior commanders, and generals who were accountable for the 40-year proxy war in Afghanistan and who had violated the human rights of helpless people, notably women.

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The protesters demanded that “they should all be brought to justice and convicted as war criminals before an International Court.

The group issued a statement asking the UN Security Council and the international community, in particular the European Union, to take immediate and decisive action against the Government of Pakistan and stop terrorist activities inside Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the protesters demand that member states of the European Union impose economic, political, and military sanctions on Pakistan in order to compel it to destroy any terrorist groups operating within its borders, including Daesh and Al-Qaeda.

The Afghan diaspora group even claimed that the upheaval in Afghanistan was not primarily the fault of Pakistan, the hub of terrorism and extremism in South Asia. They asserted, “Pakistan destroys the globe because of its reckless acts, and the United Nations Security Council and the European Union must stop Pakistan’s military buildup and the Taliban’s plans.”

On August 15 of last year, the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Numerous Afghans have been displaced and compelled to flee their country as a result of the Taliban attack. Over three lakh Afghans have been internally displaced, while an estimated 40,000 people have fled to neighbouring Iran, according to the UN.

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