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Black Panther 2 Review: Ryan Coogler’s Heartfelt Homage to Chadwick Boseman

Black Panther 2 stars Tenoch Huerta, Angela Bassett, Letitia Wright, and Dominique Thorne

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: Following Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Panther 2 lands as the latest title in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The wait for the highly awaited Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is finally over.

Ryan Coogler’s directorial Black Panther 2 opened with a proper tribute to Chadwick Boseman with the intro scene showcasing the pictures of the late actor. While the whole tribute scene is going on, not a single background score is played, which serves perfectly to the Black Panther’s legacy.

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Black Panther 2 encases a talented ensemble cast that includes Tenoch Huerta, Angela Bassett, Letitia Wright, and Dominique Thorne in the lead. The mentioned character forms the story’s centre of focus. Danai Gurria, Winston Duke, Florence Kasumba, and Martin Freeman round up the star cast in prominent roles. 

Black Panther 2 excels with Tenoch Huerta and Angela Bassett’s performance  

Every actor has portrayed their role perfectly, but among all, Tenoch Huerta as Namor and Angela Bassett as Queen Ramonda steal the show with their powerful performance. Bassett’s dialogue which featured in the Black Panther 2 teaser, already won millions of hearts, but when the same scene plays on the big screen, it hits us with a double dose of emotions. 

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Talking about Tenoch Huerta, the actor as Namor, the King of the underwater kingdom Talokan, is portrayed as an anti-hero and the first mutant in the MCU. Huerta literally dominates the screen whenever he appears on the screen. Namor’s fighting style with small wings on his legs might sound cartoonish on paper but on screen. The phenomenon gives a stylish and energetic vibe at the same time. 

When the film ends, we get a feeling that we want more of Namor in the MCU. Besides the Submariner’s phenomenal portrayal, Ryan Coogler has brilliantly managed to showcase the entire kingdom of Talokan. The entire scenario built on Talokan vs Wakanda is penned perfectly by Coogler, which at times becomes difficult to choose who is right and who is wrong.  

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Black Panther 2 also encases a perfect visual treat with Autumn Durald Arkapaw’s brilliant cinematography. Ludwig Goransson’s music fits perfectly to every scenario, with goosebumps inducing scenes to emotional ones. 

One of the best aspects of Black Panther 2 is that it carries the entire storyline in a more mature and serious tone. The Marvel film doesn’t carry an unnecessary forced comedic scene which has been more repetitive in the previous Phase 4 films. The action-adventure film encases humour but with a balanced tone. 

What could have been better?

Despite its positive aspects, Black Panther 2 carries a share of negative aspects. The first half of the feature begins with a slow start that sets a base for the second half. However, when the second half begins, it starts many big events with a high point but quickly ends without leaving any impact. 

Keeping asides Namor’s action sequences, not any character has goosebumps giving fight scenes. The climactic fight scene, which was supposed to give us a long-lasting impact, ends at a fast pace in such a scenario that feels very predictable.

The CGI at numerous points is perfect, but in certain scenes, the use of the green screen is clearly visible. The improper use of graphics can be clearly seen in Ironheart’s armour which somehow feels cartoonish. Some might also get a vibe of Power Ranger from the suit. 


Ryan Coogler’s directorial Black Panther 2 gives a perfect tribute to Chadwick Boseman and the legacy of Black Panther. All thanks to the talented filmmaker’s vision that brilliantly handles most of the aspects. Tenoch Huerta’s Namor steals the spotlight with phenomenal character portrayal. However, the climactic sequence gives an unsatisfying feeling which tries to eliminate the entertainment value. 

Transcontinental Times rating: 3.7/5

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