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Germany: 2 Teen Victims Identified in Fatal Knife Attack on Train

The suspect was released from a pretrial detention a week back

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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GERMANY: A 33-year-old man was put behind bars, suspected of fatally murdering two teenagers and injuring five other passengers on a regional train traveling from Kiel to Hamburg in northern Germany.

Man accused of stabbing passengers on a train in Germany

According to the cops, prior to the attack, the suspect had just recently been released from prison. In connection with an assault charge, he had been held in a Hamburg jail facility.

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The suspect was released from a pretrial detention a week back and was reported to have criminal records.

The criminal record of the person included deadly crimes like another stabbing incident, sexual assault, bodily harm, and shoplifting. The suspect, Ibrahim A, is a stateless Palestinian to live in Germany since 2014.

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Authorities have reported that a 17-year-old girl and a 19-year-old man succumbed to their wounds, whereas two victims are still in life-threatening condition, and two others are badly injured. One other was slightly injured.

The suspect also was injured and was admitted to the hospital and is in police custody, as local police reported at a press conference in Kiel.

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Possible intentions behind this attack are being investigated by the police and the prosecutors, and they were working hard to “gather all the facts.”

A lot of sources reveal that the attacker ran through a lot of coaches, chasing a lot of passengers, as blood could be found in four of them. Many passengers shielded themselves with luggage bags, and others threw them at the attacker.

Interior Minister of Schleswig-Holstein state, Sabine Suetterlin-Waack said that the parents of the dead teenagers were informed and added, “Due to the very dynamic course of the crime, much is unclear.”

The State Parliament commenced its session on Thursday, devoting a minute of silence to the victims of the attack.

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