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Iran Puts Cameras in Public Places to Detect and Penalise Women Without Hijab

Police advised business owners to "seriously monitor the observance of societal norms" in Iran

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IRAN: Iranian authorities are putting cameras in public spaces and thoroughfares to identify and penalise women not wearing the burqa. Authorities carry out the decision as a part of an ongoing effort to stop the growing number of women disobeying the mandatory clothing code. 

Violators will get warning text messages after they have been identified, and the action is intended to prevent resistance against the hijab law. The statement also stated that such resistance damages the nation’s spiritual reputation and fosters insecurity.

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Iranian women are increasingly abandoning their headscarves due to the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman in the morality police’s custody in September last year. 

Women are often seen without headscarves in malls, restaurants, shops, and on the streets, risking arrest for breaching the required dress code. Videos of women resisting the morality police have taken over social media.

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Police advised business owners to “seriously monitor the observance of societal norms” in Iran, where women are expected by Islamic Sharia law to cover their hair and wear long, baggy clothing to hide their figures. Offenders have faced public chastisement, sanctions, or arrest. 

The Interior Ministry has referred to the veil as “one of the civilisational foundations of the Iranian nation” and one of the practical principles of the Islamic Republic.

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It exhorted people to confront ladies who weren’t covered up. Such instructions have given hardliners the confidence to assault women in previous decades. A man was seen throwing yoghurt at two exposed women in a store last week in a video that quickly went viral.

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