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Maximizing Productivity Under Work From Home

There are plenty of opportunities out there which we can explore and follow our passion along with work despite the odds

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Hello, am I audible?

Apologies, I think there’s some connectivity issue.

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Now, that these conversations have become a “new normal”, we all are constantly trying to manage this remote work setting.


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We all thought we would appreciate, even enjoy joining work from home (WFH), now that it’s happening to us, we do… and we don’t.

Fatigue, eye strain, wrist aches, back pain, neck kinks and what not! I am sure, you all have had experienced these stress symptoms by now.

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But on the other hand,

No commute, good. More flexibility, good. Substantial social distancing, even better.

But, are you really giving your best in this WFH setting?

Well, that makeshift office arrangements, whether on the dining room table or corner of the bedroom, how is that going?

So, how to ease this transition?

1. Clearly defined workspace–Okay, let’s face it. It feels we’re on a holiday when we’re WFH and this lousy attitude can hamper our productivity.

So, it is all a matter of self-discipline. Have a clear mindset and watch your workspace. A home office desk, coffee table, kitchen counter, whatever can be your workspace but be clear and own it! Make sure you have a proper setup with proper alignment of screen and chair because you don’t want to put strain on your body.

2. Prioritize your task–Utilize your energies on high priority tasks and keep a track of your work. This will give you a fair idea where you are being productive and where you are not.

If you love to add some creativity to your work like me, then you can use colorful sticky notes! I like my workspace to be colorful, as it uplifts my mood.

3. Beware of distractions–Yeah, I agree, it is not easy, especially at home. But in order to focus at your work, you need to follow some rules like –

  • Turn off your phone notification and use only when it’s urgent.
  • Netflix, only after work or preferably on weekends.
  • Avoid watching or reading news. It’s depressing!
  • If you are a working parent then do not work where your child is playing.

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4. Healthy Lifestyle–Make sure you drink enough water every day, do home workouts regularly. WFH is stressful and what’s better solution than exercising! Also eat healthily. Don’t just rely on packaged food that you’ve stocked however make portions of serving sizes. Now that our nightlife is dead, sleep on time and avoid binge watching at night because that seriously hampers productivity the next day.

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Try to make the best out of this time! This is the golden opportunity for all of us to realize our true potential and spend time with our loved ones. There are plenty of opportunities out there which we can explore and follow our passion along with work.

What really matters is: self-discipline and time management. If you’ve got a hold on these two, then my friend you’re all set!

Are you trying to say something? I think you are on mute 😛

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