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Norway: A Land Bathed in Constant Daylight for Months 

There are a number of spots from which you can see the finest view of Norway's 'midnight sun'

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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NORWAY: Norway, the land of the midnight sun, welcomes you with its most mesmerising natural phenomenon as the country’s prolonged sunsets and sunrises blend together with no darkness in between, colouring the earth and heaven in a reddish yellow light. 

It’s alluring to ponder the sights and adventures that people have had under the midnight sun throughout the ages, whether they were Sami reindeer herders in the far north or people who relied on the sea to survive in the Lofoten and Vesterlen archipelagoes.

Experience Norway’s natural wonders: serene and supreme. Dive into the raw beauty of the dramatic landscapes, marvel at the northern lights, breathe the fresh mountain air, and enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage-listed fjords—which are the symbol of beauty in traditional Norway.

Travel to Norway’s regions above the Arctic Circle to witness these moments yourself, which will take you on a new dimension at night in the summer when you can actually see nature and wildlife in a different light while going on a whale safari or exploring the wilderness inland.

Visit Northern Norway and lose yourself in the sun, the colours, the cultural tradition, and the events that bring people together in a wonderful atmosphere.

Northern Norway offers 76 days of midnight sun between May and July, and as you move further north, you will get more nights of midnight sun. 

In the summer months, you can witness up to 24 hours of sunlight above the arctic circle, which means you have more time to explore the sights and uncover new things.

When you plan to begin your midnight sun adventure, put these main areas of northern Norway on your bucket list for your once in a lifetime experience.


Helgeland, the most southern region of Northern Norway, is located just below the Arctic Circle. The entire region is a hidden treasure. 

Follow the Kystriksveien Coastal Route to discover hidden white beach coves, quaint communities like Mosjen and Brnnysund, and delightful hikes in mountain ranges like De Syv Sstre and Okstindan. This route is regarded as one of the world’s most gorgeous drives.

Here, you can experience the midnight sun from June 12 to July 10. To watch the sun rise without it ever dipping below the horizon, you need to be on a peak or on the coast with a clear view.

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Lofoten and Vesterlen

Lofoten Island is nestled 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. You’ll reach the islands of Lofoten and Vesterlen if you travel northwest across the sea. 

These islands are regions of exceptional natural beauty, distinguished by dramatic, rocky peaks that rise up from the sea and also coastal flatlands where sheep graze. 

Beautiful white beaches and charming fishing towns are also scattered across the landscape. There are many ways to experience the midnight sun here, including a kayaking excursion.

In Lofoten, you can witness the midnight sun from May 28 through July 14, and in Vesterlen, you can experience the midnight sun from May 22 through July 1.

Bod and Salten 

The Coastal Route extends all the way to Bod after crossing the Arctic Circle and entering the Salten region. Bod is not only a significant transportation hub, but it’s also a fascinating location to explore in itself. 

Visit fascinating museums, awe at Saltstraumen, the strongest maelstrom in the world, step back in time at Kjerringy, Norway’s best-preserved seaside trading port, and go hiking in the Brvasstindan mountain range. Then you can board a boat to travel to some of Salten’s magical islands, including Steigen, Sttt, Hamary, and Rdy.

In Bod, you can enjoy a midnight sun adventure from June 4 to July 8. 

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Tromsø, the bustling city in Troms county, is often dubbed “the Paris of the North” and has sun all day long for a full month. Also, it is known for the Northern Lights and is nestled in northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle. 

In the city of Tromsø, the midnight sun can be seen between mid-May and late July, i.e., around 20 May and 22 July.

Due to this, Tromsø is a very sought-after destination for summertime excursions to experience the midnight sun. The University in Tromsø is one of the world’s most esteemed research centres for the midnight sun.

Finnmark: The North Cape and Hammerfest

This is the northernmost point on Norway’s mainland. The North Cape, which is the farthest point in Europe where you can drive, is where people who seek out the midnight sun typically go. 

However, Finnmark County, the home of the king crab, is a sizable region with a lot of unexplored nature. Along with the coast, you can also explore fjords, glaciers, and sizeable islands such as Seiland and Srya. You can experience the midnight sun from May 14–July 29 in the North Cape.

Hammerfest, the northernmost town in the world, provides desolate beauty and barren coastlines that are surprisingly alluring. 

The location feels almost magical thanks to the midnight sun’s rosy radiance and the town’s lively local ambiance. In this town, you can witness the midnight sun from May 16–July 27.

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The Svalbard Islands, located halfway between continental Norway and the North Pole, are the home of polar bears. Here, you can really speak about an endless day, as the sun moves the sky in nearly constant circles throughout the summer. 

From the contemporary town of Longyearbyen to a venture into the wild, this place offers a range of spheres to explore. Here, you can experience the midnight sun from April 20 to August 22.

Adventures under the Midnight Sun

24/7 sunlight gives an energy boost to flora and fauna, as well as the coast. This is likely to rub off on the visitors, boosting their energy to explore something extra along with the midnight sun. 

Grab your additional vigour and take part in some of the Midnight Sun activities offered throughout Northern Norway.

Here are some activities you can enjoy: Swimming, kayaking, camping, hiking, angling, cycling, and golf are a few of the numerous land- and shoreline-based activities. 

With a range of sailing choices from the regional tour cruise operator Hurtigruten, the fjords are also a stunning route to follow the Midnight Sun north.

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