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Photocarrefour Africa Invites Abuja To View The Global Pandemic

Photography exhibition engages the world through images of the COVID-19 pandemic

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George Buid
George Buidhttp://www.georgebuid.com/
An independent photojournalist of the Philippines capturing life as it passes by. He contributes to different news outlet and press publications.

NIGERIA. Abuja: Photocarrefour Africa, a photography organization, is showcasing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world in an annual photo exhibit. Tersoo Gundu, the creative director, founded the photography organization in 2017 to bring together photography lovers and photographers alike to advance the medium. He said, “We promote the medium (photography) as art to create visual literacy, as a novel way to communicate and address the issues affecting our society.”

The photography organization’s fourth annual exhibition titled Year Of The Pandemic has the participation of photographers from around the world. The event is being curated by Susa Rodriguez-Garrido, a Spanish curator working and living in Abuja. Here in Jahi, the exhibition opens at the Photocarrefour Gallery on Duplex 16 in Mabushi Ultra Modern Complex. Gundu told Transcontinental Times, “The pandemic ravaged humanity and changed history that brought in a new civilization.”

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Photo credit: Photocarrefour Africa ©2020

We value the artists

Photocarrefour Africa faces the same challenges every year when organizing an exhibit, which is logistics. Gundu said, “What surprised us is we got the least amount of entries, even though the theme is a global one.” They received images from 19 photographers, a lower number compared to previous events.

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The organization gives the artists the opportunity for exposure that shows value to their work.  Also, their goal for each artist is receiving job opportunities, grants, and sponsorships. Gundu adds, “We appreciate the time of each artist who took part in the exhibition.”

Photo credit: Photocarrefour Africa ©2020

View the world from the eyes of Abuja during the pandemic

The organization wants the city of Abuja to engage the world through art. Therefore, making the city the center of photography in Africa. Gundu said, “Art expresses the soul and gives the identity of the city.”

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The COVID-19 pandemic shapes a new reality where exhibits serve as a reference point for understanding. Gundu said, “We expect people to look at the images of various artists from the world, but feel the changes brought by the pandemic from their perspective.”

Photo credit: Photocarrefour Africa ©2020

People can come to view the exhibit, attend workshops, listen to artists, which is scheduled to run from 19 to 24 Oct. 2020. However, Photocarrefour Africa postponed most of the activities except on 24 Oct 2020 because of a national protest.


  • George Buid

    An independent photojournalist of the Philippines capturing life as it passes by. He contributes to different news outlet and press publications.

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