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Astrology: A Perspective Of The Benefic And Malefic Bhavas (Part V)

While dividing the native's horoscope chart with the help of house tables, we divide the zodiac into twelve parts. Each of these parts is called Bhava

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Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA: The classification of houses have already been enumerated in earlier articles. Here an exercise of enumerating the importance of every Bhava (House) from the ascendant is examined, with respect to the study of benefics and malefic. The 1st house, being the native himself, we approach the 12th House from “Janma-Laganam (Tanusthan) in the Northern charting system anti-clockwise.

Each of these Bhavas has a special significance in Vedic astrology, and the rising Sun sign is based on the prarabdha karma (Past life’s deeds) of the native.

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While dividing the native’s horoscope chart with the help of house tables, we divide the zodiac into twelve parts. Each of these parts is called Bhava.

A Perspective of benefics and malefic houses

The Horoscope Chart of the native showing all the houses from “Tanu sthan” anti-clock wise as per Northern India charting system. Photo Credit: Freepik

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1.Kendra Sthan (Center location or Vishnu Sthan)

The 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th bhavas, are referred to as quadrants or centers and they represent East (Sunrise), South (Midnoon), West (Sunset), and North (Midnight). These represent the efforts of the natives.

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2.Panfara Location (Successing Houses)

2,5,8 and 11 houses are called Successing Houses. It shows the benefits of the house and the benefits of reduction in the side effects of the house and reducing the bad effects.

3.Apoklim Sthaan (Cadent Houses)

Each of the 3,6,9 and 12 houses is known as a Cadent House (Apoklim houses). The reduction in the beneficial effects of the positive and the strength or sharpness of the potential effects.

4.Kona Sthan (quadrilateral)

Angles or quadrupeds 1,10,7 and 4 are considered the most auspicious houses in that order.

5.Trikona Sthan (Trines)

In addition, the 5th and 9th houses, including the first house (before), are called Trines or Trikonas. Next to the angle (quadrilateral) is the importance given to the trines.

Since the 1st house itself is a quadrangle, in any case, the anterior part between the 5th and 9th houses can be considered as a stronger trine and the latter is a cadent house and hence it is weaker. Nevertheless, one need not underestimate its importance.

6. Apachaya Sthans (Remedial Houses)

Next, 3,6,10, and 11 houses are called upachaya or trishadaya houses. The sign, seen from a planet of a particular house or mool trikona stan planets can yield beneficial effects and hence can benefit a native immensely.

7.Du-Sthanas (Damage or pitfalls or Trik houses)

The 6,8 and 12 houses are called misery or pitfalls or Trik Sthanas and these are generally considered bad. Wherever the Lords of these houses are placed in the horoscope table, they generally destroy the importance of those houses.

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