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Maria Zalazar Narrates Her Inspirational Journey as a Doctor

Zalazar grew up in the countryside, a small town southeast of Buenos Aires

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Hrishita Chatterjee
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ENGLAND: In an exclusive interview with TCT, doctor Maria Zalazar describes the inspiration and drive behind her decision to pursue a career in the medical field.

Maria Zalazar talks about the role of a doctor in society

Zalazar grew up in the countryside, a small town southeast of Buenos Aires. Only a few meters separated her family’s home from the ocean. Their garden was vibrant and full of colour and vegetables. 

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She was especially intrigued about anything and everything because they didn’t have neighbours, TV, radio, or the internet. She presumes that her curiosity finally led her to become a doctor, first in Argentina and then in Spain.

She ended up finishing her education in the UK. She currently resides in London and works remotely, providing her services to middle-aged people looking to enhance their quality of life and sense of well-being.  

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Zalazar believed it to be curiosity and the gratification of learning a new skill, particularly when it pertains to health and other people’s feelings, viewpoints, and opinions. She had a concrete example of how her environment and lifestyle choices can affect how they live later in life at home.

At the age of 63, Zalazar’s mother passed away from menopausal symptoms, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, all medical conditions that commonly affect middle-aged people and are linked to sedentarism, poor diet, and denial. If her mother had received better lifestyle advice, she believes the outcome would have been different.

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In his 90s, Zalazar’s dad passed away in good health. He hasn’t started on the same journey as her, but he knew what to eat and what to avoid. She says, “He has not embarked on the same journey as me (nutrition, medicine, genetics, women’s health), but he was knowledgeable about what to eat and what to do to live a healthy and long life.” 

Zalazar’s inspiration for what she does today came from witnessing her mother stuck in a destructive spiral with inadequate assistance. Since they lack the appropriate support, she is unable to see anyone experiencing pain.

According to her, doctors occasionally lack the time and the skills necessary to effectively listen to patients, offer a suitable degree of assistance, and offer advice on behavioural changes. Patients are also not given enough time to be listened to. The first line of defence in medicine should be healthy lifestyle choices and prevention. 

Furthermore, unlike medical and surgical treatments, they don’t have any adverse side effects. The entire family’s health may be impacted if one member is ill. Menopausal symptoms and hormonal imbalance, for instance, can impact a woman’s personal and professional life at any age.

Zalazar says, “If someone in a family is unwell, the whole family’s well-being can be affected.”

“It is important to maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional lives for both one’s own and those around oneself,” she added further.

Zalazar chooses to work every day of the year. She is overjoyed and energized by it. She nurtures a calm, relaxed, and clear state of mind at work that benefits her patients and herself.

According to Zalazar, we are never alone in this respect because everyone experiences pressure. She says that we grow more adaptable and wise due to obstacles. She feels incredibly lucky to have a group of close friends with whom she can be her true self and communicate honestly. 

Zalazar also read books and started listening to speakers who had overcome adversity before finding success. She recalls reading about a miner who was frustrated just two meters before a huge amount of gold was discovered because he was failing (Napoleon Hill). This lesson motivates her.

“In my early years of practice, I used to ask terminally ill patients what they would have done differently. The majority of them expressed regret for the things they had not done due to fear. They taught me a lot,” she said.

She is dubious as to who might have served as our inspiration. She said that we might just be silent if we don’t feel like we have an intent.

In her final message to the readers, Zalazar mentions that with all hardships in life emerges a glimmer of light that takes one to “a better place”.

She highlights Jodorowsky’s story stating, “An archer wanted to hunt the moon. Night after night, without resting, he launched his arrows towards the star. His neighbours mocked him. Undeterred, he continued to shoot arrows. He never hunted the moon, but he became the best archer in the world.” 

She infers, “Many doors will close in front of you, but one will open for you. I failed many times, but in the darkest moment, a miracle took place. Something different in life means different outcomes.” 

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