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Ukraine’s Zelenskiy to Attend G7 Summit, Focusing Sanctions on Russia 

In an endorsement of Ukraine, Britain will proclaim a ban on Russian diamond imports

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Hrishita Chatterjee
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UKRAINE: According to a Ukrainian security official, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy will participate in the Group of Seven (G7) Hiroshima summit this weekend, installing extra pressure on Russia in the context of a city affiliated with the horrors of nuclear conflict. The G7 democracies have been intimidated by China and Russia with augmenting powers.

The G7 leaders’ meeting in Hiroshima on Friday will focus heavily on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has been going on for the past year. The US has been at the forefront of strong sanctions on Russian businesses, banks, and individuals; the upcoming announcements are intended to underscore the resolve of world powers to help Ukraine and put pressure on Moscow.

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As per due to the sensitivity of two G7 planning members of the committee who declined to be identified on the particular topic, Zelenskiy will attend the conference on Sunday, the third and last day. 

Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, mentioned, “Very critical decisions will be made there, making our president’s attendance vitally necessary in order to protect our interests.”

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In an endorsement of Ukraine, Britain will proclaim a ban on Russian diamond imports and also imports of Russian metals like copper, aluminium, and nickel, according to a statement.

86 more organizations and individuals from Putin’s military-industrial complex will also be the target of British punitive measures, in addition to those working in the shipping, metals, and energy sectors, it was announced.

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Russian diamond sales will also be limited, according to Charles Michel, president of the European Council. People from four of the countries involved said that officials were still making a decision on the specifics of their final disclosures on China and Russia.

In its exports blacklist, the USA will add 70 items and will expand sanctions authorities to 300 items. An official mentions, “In reaction to Russia’s actions, you will hear a tremendous declaration of unity, strength, and commitment. New actions will be taken to economically isolate Russia and impair its ability to conduct war.”

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